spanishlime said: Would you be opposed to making a page just for the DemonGF comic?

At the moment I’m working on making a whole website for it. Stand by, guys!

Just doing uniform studies for spacegirl! Bored doodles!

Just doing uniform studies for spacegirl! Bored doodles!

actuallyarobot said: In one of the Demon Girlfriend panels, there is a poster on the wall in the back that says "Children of the Elder Gods" Was that a refrence to the cult video game Alan Wake, by chance?


mikalhvi said: Hey there! I really love your 'Demon Girlfriend' comic (it's totally cute n' all dat) and your art style is very cute as well. I liked how the chest-drawn sigil was done but I have a question... In the first summoning panel(s) you drew, you used an inverted Pentacle with a goat head drawn in it and glyphs/actual summoning seals in it. May I ask why? And how opposed would you be to changing it if you ever did a re-draw?

I made them different on purpose: The original sigil on the floor was supposed to be a classic summoning circle meant to bring up a demon from hell to do your biding/ impart knowledge/ grant wishes/ elvis impersonation/ etc.

The one on his chest is more of a “portable” kind of summoning circle. As I mentioned before, I’m trying to approach the way magic works in this universe as logically as I can, and when I finally get around to starting Chapter 2 this will all be delved into a bit further.

You also learn everyones name in Chapter 2.

Anonymous said: Demon Girlfriend, the animated series. Background music by Guy Moon. Theme song starts off with heavy metal over tones then switches to nice ukelele indie music.

The soundtrack is perfect, but i picture it more as a live-action movie, myself.

Anonymous said: I feel dumb asking this but, what is the demon girls name?

It’s coming. Don’t worry.

zadjatheifrit said: What would you say the main focus and specialty of OCAD as compared to Sheridan is?

Just to clarify: I can really only speak for OCADs Illustration, and Sheridans animation programs (the latter of which I did not actually get into).

But again, from what I’ve seen and heard, OCAD is more focused on fostering creative, conceptual and critical thinking and Sheridan focuses on training technical skill.

So if you want to be trained to think like an illustrator go to OCAD.

And if you want to be taught how to draw better than God go to Sheridan.

destroyingmatter said: Do you do research on the demon folklore and symbols for summoning for your adorable Demon Girlfriend comic? Also you seem like a really nice and adorable person too; keep up the wonderful work!

I did very little research for the comic, mostly drawing on mine and my friends knowledge of occult and demonology. Though the glyphs take inspiration from the weird lumpyness and harsh scratches of the enochian and sumerian alphabets respectively (The former of which will most likely play a larger part in the story).

I’m playing really fast and loose with demonology, and basically making it up as I go. Though I’m still trying to keep it under at least some kind of internal logic, like using candles as “fuses” to activate spells, or using the skull of a dead man as protection.

I’m planning on going into more detail of the mechanics soon.

zadjatheifrit said: Just wondering, what made OCAD your first choice?

I lucked out by being born and raised in Toronto, the fact that all I ever wanted to do was draw and that there was a university that’d let me do JUST THAT only 20 minutes away was incredibly convenient.

weenarman-deactivated20140827 said: So all in all what percentage of boner did the sorceror guy get when she finished the whole chestbursting thing?